Tungsten Carbide Dies Indonesia

We manufacture all kind of Precision Dies, Knives, Slitters, Punches, Cutters, Nozzles, Tools, Mechanical seals, etc that made from Tungsten Carbide (Hard metal). Our products are widely used in industries of Automotive, Electronics, Mining, Metallurgy, Petroleum, Textiles, Furniture, Chemistry, Arsenals, etc.

PT Canggih Presisi Industri
Jl. Industri IV Blok AG Kawasan Industri Jatake
Kp. Pasir Awi Rt. 02/02
Kec. Pasar Kemis, Tangerang – Indonesia
Phone : ( 021 ) 5909898 ( Hunting )
Fax : ( 021 ) 5908989

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